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Trading is both a Science & an Art.
We Sweat the Research, You Profit!

You can’t see what you don’t know!

Remember the first time you saw a price chart? 
I do! I could see price move but that’s all…
After learning more about Technical Analysis I can now better feel the market.
What if it’s the same thing with all the next trading concepts you don’t yet know?

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True trading performance comes from a perfect mix & understanding of most financial concepts.

Latest articles

The Best Practices for Trading Cypher Harmonic Pattern

Introduction The Cypher harmonic pattern is a reversal formation that occurs within a trending phase of the market and appears as a terminal move. This means that, when it is fully formed, there should be a reversal in the market within the harmonic class of patterns....

All XABCD Harmonic Patterns Explained in Details

Introduction XABCD pattern is considered to be the most powerful harmonic pattern. With its four-legged pattern, it comprises of different variants i.e. Gartley, Butterfly, Crab and Bat). Harold McKinley Gartley is the pioneer who created this patter. In the...