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Trading is both a Science & an Art.
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You can’t see what you don’t know!

Remember the first time you saw a price chart? 
I do! I could see price move but that’s all…
After learning more about Technical Analysis I can now better feel the market.
What if it’s the same thing with all the next trading concepts you don’t yet know?

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True trading performance comes from a perfect mix & understanding of most financial concepts.

Latest articles

How to trade and use the shark harmonic pattern

What is the Shark Pattern? The Harmonic Shark pattern is a rather new buying and selling pattern located with the useful resource of the use of Scott Carney in 2011. The shark pattern is similar to the crab pattern, this is prominent with the resource of the usage of...

Top 7 Best Harmonic Pattern Trading Strategy

What are Harmonic patterns? Harmonic patterns are new trading opportunities in the form of technical analyses that can help traders to predict the price value that may go next. The harmonic patterns are in the form of a chart pattern, Fibonacci numbers are used to...

Uses of Harmonic patterns in today’s era

There is a rapid increase in the use of the harmonic pattern among the traders. Now the question arises what are the harmonic patterns? The Harmonic patterns are the geographical pattern that predicts the increase of price in the financial market. The harmonic pattern...